Download GoJS

If you wish to use the GoJS library for your private evaluation, you may do so only under the terms of the Evaluation License Agreement. We encourage you to register if you discover you need technical support during your evaluation.

You can download the whole web site for this version of GoJS by saving and unzipping:

We also maintain a GitHub Repository of all libraries, documentation, samples, and extensions. This allows you to search through documentation and code online.

The contents of both the ZIP file and the GitHub repository are exactly what you find at the GoJS web site. Having everything downloaded to your development machine allows you to easily search the JavaScript code and to modify the samples for experimentation.

You can also download GoJS via Node package manager (npm): $ npm install gojs. The contents of that package are only the library files. If you want to download the extensions, samples, and documentation, they are in the create-gojs-kit package. Download its contents by executing: $ npm create gojs-kit

Or you can link to a CDN (content delivery network):

The GoJS library comes in both "debug" and "release" variations in the release directory:

We recommend that you use go-debug.js while doing your initial development -- it is more likely to signal errors or provide meaningful error messages than when using go.js. Always remember to look at the console log to see if there are any error or warning messages.

After purchasing a license, you may deploy by acquiring a license key for your web site's domain. See Deployment for more discussion.

New Versions

You can learn about new releases in several manners:

When updating or upgrading to a newer version, please read the Change Log. In addition to getting new debug and release libraries, don't forget to use the latest TypeScript definition file, go.d.ts, that is also in the release directory.

More information is at GoJS home.