Wall Parts


This Floorplanner sample of GoJS makes use of multiple classes to allow for users to build, edit, save, and load feature-rich Floorplans. To start, build walls (press the 'Build Walls') button to activate the WallBuildingTool, or drag furniture from Palettes onto the Floorplan area. When you have an area enclosed by walls, you can create a room there by dragging the floor area node from the Wall Parts palette, or by right-clicking within your enclosed area and clicking 'Make Room'.

You may also define areas with dividers, which allow one to specify different floor types without the need for wall boundaries. This is useful if you want to have multiple types of flooring within a single room, or want to define an area of floor that has no walls.

This sample uses the following Floorplanner-specific files:

To modify this sample, one must modify the .ts source files (in this project's 'src' directory'), then run tsc.