Powerful Diagrams For Every Industry

GoJS is the modern diagramming framework for rich and interactive data visualizations.


Build diagrams for the web in JavaScript and TypeScript

GoJS is used to create interactive diagrams to visualize, monitor, and edit your systems.

Org Chart

Org charts

Create classic org charts. Leverage GoJS to allow users to easily interact with their org charts, editing relationships, collapsing levels, and more.

Represent relationships

Develop interactive org charts, trees, and hierarchy diagrams

Use automatic layouts to easily modify the way relationships are displayed.
Allow your users to edit diagrams on the fly, changing relationships or just updating data.
Collapse different levels of your trees to bring focus where it's needed.

Trusted across industries

GoJS powers visualizations in every sector, including industrial planning, security, organization management, consumer apps, and more.

3m airbus amazon amex bosch hitachi nasa pwc
3m airbus amazon amex bosch hitachi nasa pwc
Industrial Monitor

Industrial Diagrams

GoJS is ideal for industrial monitoring and control systems. Create SCADA tools, visualize flow, and see your processes more clearly.

Process organization

Visualize and monitor critical assets across domains

From the biggest banks to NASA to every stage of consumer production, GoJS helps enterprises build the tools they need.
GoJS makes it easy to create industrial process automation, control, and monitoring tools for your organization.

Developer to developer support, starting with your evaluation

Northwoods prides itself on over 25 years of developer to developer support for all our diagramming libraries. Want to get started faster? Register for support during evaluation and we'll help with a proof-of-concept and template design.

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Develop faster

Built-in features and interactivity to get your projects out the door

Designed to work with all modern frameworks

With no dependencies, you can use GoJS anywhere. Leverage it in React, Vue, Angular, or Svelte apps, or in your Node or Electron apps.

Extensive documentation